Acrylic Advent Calendar Tags Set

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These acrylic sets of advent calendar tags are in stock and ready to ship, and are available for a limited time only.

Share the Christmas spirit in the 25 days leading up to Christmas with our beautifully made advent calendar tag sets. Each set includes numbers 1 to 25 and are perfect for those who love a little Christmas DIY project! 

SHIPPING TIMES - Tags from the ready to ship collection will be shipped within the next business day, Monday to Friday from 9am to 2.30pm. If your order includes anything other than products from this ready to ship range, your order will be held and will not ship until all items are complete. 

STYLE - Round shape or tag style, as pictured.

MATERIAL - Black or white acrylic.

SIZE - 3mm thick, round style 4.2cm diameter, tag style 4.2cm x 6cm tall.


  • This listing is for white or black acrylic tag sets only.