Mini Alpha Gift Tags
Mini Alpha Gift Tags

Mini Alpha Gift Tags

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e prepare to move into our brand new studio, we've unearthed a huge amount of material odds and ends that still have a little life left in them. We're offering these mini alpha gift tags at a ridiculously discounted price to use up the scraps and have as little wastage as possible - waste not, want not!

Make your material selection from the drop down menu above, and note the letter in text field provided. Price is per letter.

Please note: acrylic and mirror tags will be shipped with protective coverings on (mirror front only, acrylics both sides). This is to protect them in transit and whilst being handled, and peel super easy when you're absolutely ready. Any finger prints can be removed gently with a microfibre cloth. Bamboo styles will come peeled, sanded and ready to go.

MATERIAL - A range of coloured, mirrored acrylics, and light, dark bamboo.

SIZE - 3mm thick, 4cm tall.


  • Before submitting your order, please ensure you check it thoroughly – any missing or incorrect information will delay your order.
  • Pop the letter you require in the text field provided. One letter only please. 
  • Letter tags come with a hole and ready to hang but no twine or thread is included.


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