Clearance - HALF PRICE Personalised Swing Tags

Clearance - HALF PRICE Personalised Swing Tags

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It's that time again! We're fast running out of room for our materials, so what better time than now to clear out our scraps and turn them into heavily discounted goodies for you and yours.

This time we've chosen our super popular personalised swing tags as pictured, BUT available in selected range of materials for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Whether they're for a special birthday, from Santa, Mum & Dad, Nanny or the next door neighbour, our original personalised swing tags are so simple, so special and so gorgeous.

MATERIAL - A range of mirror, coloured and glittered acrylics.

SIZE - 3mm thick, approx. 2cm tall and width varying per name.


  • These are a limited time only product, and are very fragile. We recommend handling them as little as possible until the time of use.
  • Before submitting your order, please ensure you check it thoroughly – any missing or incorrect information will delay your order.
  • Swing tags come with a small hole and are ready to be strung.
  • All names are cut lowercase only, and the dot is omitted from i’s and j’s.
  • Font is as pictured.
  • Material colours can be viewed here.

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