Every year, around 10.30pm on November 30th as I crawl into bed, I curse 2015 Kylie and her grand idea to join the 'Elf on the Shelf' bandwagon. Because every year November 30th rolls around and despite the best of intentions I am never, ever prepared for it - nor do I know the exact location of said house Elf.
But not this year.
No way. 2022 Kylie has got it together and decided to grab the Elf by the tinsel and created the ultimate Elf on the Shelf guide for you and yours. Below is a list of *mostly* household bits and pieces to gather for the 24 days leading to Christmas, as well as images & the links to its origins on the one, the only, the mighty Pinterest.
Have an absolute blast as you cruise through EOTS this year - you're welcome!
You'll need:
  • Scrap paper
  • Children's book
  • Figurines, toy animals or dolls etc to make a 'crowd'
  • Googly eyes - stores like Look Sharp etc have them
  • Blu tac or something similar
  • A face cloth/flannel
  • Bag of mini marshmallows (or normal marshmallows would work too)
  • A breakfast spread
  • A puzzle
  • A packet/box of candy canes
  • Microwave popcorn or packet popcorn
  • Fruit you can peel, like a banana, orange etc
  • Cellotape
  • A candle
  • Kebab stick
  • FInished toilet roll
  • String or ribbon
  • Tin foil
  • A bag of Skittles
  • 3 rolls toilet paper
  • A face mask
  • An adult's sock
  • Colouring in book and felts or colouring in pencils etc
  • Flour or icing sugar
DAY 1: Elf arrival
A shameless plug for our 'Elf on the Shelf Arrival Postcard'. Old mate sits perfectly in the postcard - which we personalised with your kid's names, you Elf's name and even your address. Simply sit him somewhere obvious for the kids in the morning and boom, you're done!
Check out the Elf Postcards here.
DAY 2: Snowball Fight
Scrunch up some scrap paper, write a little sign and sit Elf in the middle of it. Easy.
DAY 3: Storytime
Set up Elf reading a children's book to an adoring crowd of toys, Barbies, teddy bears etc. Cuteness overload.
DAY 4: Cheeky Elf
Those googly eyes you purchased? Blu tac them onto the eyes of your family photos as well as Mr Elf himself - this one is sure to bring the giggles.
DAY 5: Bath Time
Pop Elf in the sink with the mini marshmallows (not all of them, you need 3 or 4 for later on) and wrap a face cloth/flannel around his head. If you have a little rubber ducky, even better! Time for Elf to sit back, relax and enjoy a nice, soft marshmallow bath.
DAY 6: Nom Nom
Uh - oh, Elf has got into the breakfast spread and left the evidence on his very guilty looking face. Naughty Elf.
DAY 7: Puzzle Time
A ridiculously simple one: pop Elf in amongst the beginning of a puzzle.
DAY 8: Candy Cane Hunt
Make a sign saying Elf has hid how ever many candy canes around the house and send the kids off on a hunt to find them - such fun! 
DAY 9: Adventure Awaits
This one is my absolute fave. Pop Elf in one of the ledges of your front loader washing machine, or the dryer, and sit Barbie, Ken or any other figurines you may have in with him. Put a single piece of tape from one end of the crew to the other, mimicking a rollercoaster safety bar. Pose their arms up to look like they're having the time of their life. 
DAY 10: The floor is lava!
Self explanatory really! Tape or blu tac Elf on the wall or somewhere else high up, with a sign saying 'THE FLOOR IS LAVA'. They'll know what to do!
DAY 11: 'Laxed Elf
Sit Elf on the couch with the remote and some popcorn and leave him to it.
DAY 12: Naughty Elf
Well done, you're halfway! Silly Elf has been into the felts are drawn faces on the fruit - oops! (Just make sure you use a fruit that is peeled like bananas or oranges etc.
DAY 13: COVID Elf.
Make use of any face masks you may still have at home and use it as a little hammock for Elf. Cosy.
DAY 14: Do you wanna build a snowman?
Use orange and black pens to draw a nose, eyes and buttons on 3 rolls of toilet paper. Hide Elf inside 2 of them, and pop the other one on his head. 
DAY 15: Tech Elf
Take a 'selfie' of Elf and set it to the kids iPad/tablet/phone etc wallpaper. I did this with my girls a few years ago and it went down an absolute treat!
DAY 16: Campfire Elf
Thread a couple of those mini marshmallows you saved from Day 5 on a kebab stick (or anything similar). Sit Elf on an upside down cup etc and pose him over an unlit candle for his 'campfire'. 
DAY 17: Scientist Elf
If you haven't already done this with the kids, they will absolutely love it. Line Skittles side by side in a circle around the outside of a plate. Make a sign that says 'Want to see a rainbow? Just add hot water'. Help them add the water in the morning and enjoy! I won't spoil the surprise but it's a heck of alot of fun - no judgement if you want to test run first for yourself. 
DAY 18: Chilly Elf
Wrap Elf in a flannel/face cloth and hide him amongst the condiments in the door shelf.
DAY 19: Zipline Elf
Hopefully by now your Christmas tree is up! String a finished toilet roll onto a piece of ribbon or string and tie from the top of the Christmas tree to something else you can attach it to. Tape Elf's arms to the toilet roll, and tape the roll in one place on the zipline. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
DAY 20: Helpful Elf
Wrap a pair of their shoes in tin foil and add a sign that says 'I shined your shoes for you! Basic but fun.
DAY 21: TP Elf
Toilet paper the Christmas tree and chuck Elf in amongst it, looking guilty as charged.
DAY 22: Creative Elf
Scribble in a colouring in book, chuck a pen/felt/crayon in Elf's hands and let him take the credit.
DAY 23: Slumber Party Elf
Snuggle Elf down into a nice, thick adult's sock and nestle him in an open drawer. If he has sleepover buddies, even better!
DAY 24: Bye Bye Buddy!
You're done! December 24th and Elf is on his way back to the North Pole to prepare for next year. Get yourself one of our Elf Footprints templates and leave a little snowy trail of elf prints out the door using flour, icing sugar or whatever is easiest for you to clean up. Bonus points for a little snowy message, too.
You can purchase our Elf Footprints Stencil here.

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