Love From Seventeen was built on the idea that creating memories with family and friends is at the heart of humanity. We are sentimental, wired to celebrate and mark the special milestones in our lives. Every product we offer supports this idea and brings a personalised touch to any occasion.

On 17 April 2015 we launched with a clear goal; to bring customised and creative interior décor to every little corner of your home.

We believe it’s the little design details that tie together your individual style and inject the overall magic to a room or event.

I’m Kylie, founder of Love From Seventeen. As a child, all things craft captivated me. This obsession held-tight into adulthood when my husband and I bought our first home, then welcomed two daughters into our world. By now, I had the perfect scenario – a home to unleash my love of interior design and a couple of perfect little test pilots - our two beautiful girls. As I set out to style their bedrooms, I found plenty of mass produced, throw-away or ‘on trend’ interior décor available. But it felt wasteful, lacked originality and purpose. I wanted things that were meaningful and keepsake, and that’s how my business idea began.

So armed with a business plan and an industrial laser-cutting machine, I was out of excuses. Over 365 days of testing, tweaking and prototyping, we developed a winning formula. Cutting, etching and engraving exquisite pieces from wood and acrylic, it was time to share our designs with the world.

All these years later, I have seen our business grow from ideas scribbled in a notebook, to a dedicated brand-new studio whirring out hundreds of orders to our loyal customers. Our online store allows you to grab a personalised gift for yourself, family or friends, or shop instantly from our ‘ready to ship’ range when time is of the essence. We have also collaborated with a selection of talented NZ small business boss babes to share some truly creative pieces.

Our promise is high quality products, a commitment to sourcing eco-friendly materials and packaging, fresh and fun new ideas, matched with reliable delivery to your door.

Like us, you love buying local and supporting Kiwi small business, and we are beyond grateful for your support.

Kylie + our growing LF17 team