Wall Mounting Guide

Before mounting your beautiful Love from Seventeen interiorwares to the wall, we recommend you have a read of our Product Care Guide. We do not offer a warranty on any of our product range so we encourage Love from Seventeen customers to read all product care information thoroughly, as well as the individual product descriptions prior to purchasing.

It is your responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the long life and quality of your Love from Seventeen product. If looked after properly, your pieces will last for many years to come. 


Firstly, it is important to note our products are not made for little fingers so should not be handled by children. As much as they want to help, any bend or or drop is very likely to break your treasured Love from Seventeen piece. Do not hang any Love from Seventeen item above or within reach of a cot or bed.

Secondly, your natural bamboo product will change in colour slightly with age. To slow down this process, we recommend mounting your wall decor out of direct sunlight as this can have a bleaching effect.


We recommend that our range of personalised wall names/lettering are mounted to walls or doors using either Blue Tack, or 3M Command picture hanging strips (they look/work a little like velcro) cut down to smaller pieces. 3M products can be found at Mitre 10, The Warehouse etc.

Blue Tack is a great option if you think you're likely to move the piece around at any point, whereas whilst the 3M range can be taken down easily enough, it's not as easy to move the adhesives off the wall. Keep in mind that Blue Tack can have a 'melting' effect in really warm climates - you don't want to come home to find your piece has slipped all the way down the wall! We wouldn't recommend using Blue Tack if you're mounting above a radiator or heater.


Put your adhesives on as evenly as you can on widest points of the product. Handle your wall name or lettering at the thickest/widest point of the design and press gently, distributing weight evenly across the piece. If using 3M, read the instructions on the product packaging alongside our mounting guide.

If you're using Blue Tack, we've found that giving your piece a little wiggle as you push it onto the wall/door helps to spread the Blue Tack and really adhere it well.


When the time comes to remove your wall name or lettering, follow the same handling instructions as when mounting: distribute weight evenly across the piece as much as you can, handling at the widest points (note - this may not necessarily be each end).  

Blue Tack: we find using the same gentle 'wiggle' technique as mentioned above works great and loosens the piece slowly and gently. To remove any Blue Tack left on your wall, roll your finger backwards and forwards over it.

3M: follow the removal instructions on the product packaging.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email: hello@lovefromseventeen.nz.