Fundraising with Love from Seventeen

Looking for an opportunity to raise money for your school or organisation? Let’s do it!

How does it work?

Our all new fundraiser program has no annoying order forms, no money handling, and no mucking around dispatching orders either - it is so easy and so simple.

Purchasers will order direct from our online store in the comfort of their own home, and when our talented team has completed their order, it'll be dispatched straight to their door - job done. What's more? The benefits could be plenty as anyone in your community and beyond with your unique fundraiser code can purchase to support your fundraiser.

Ready to get started?

Step 1:

Get in touch with our team via our contact form here and we'll send you our Fundraiser Application form to gather all the info we need to get started.

Step 2:

Once we're ready to go, we'll send you a flyer you can circulate if you wish across social media, including your unique fundraiser code. It'll go live from your chosen start date.

Step 3: 

You're all set! Every purchase made through our online store using your unique fundraiser code gives the purchaser a 5% discount* and your community group a 15% fundraiser kickback - so you see, the more your community purchases using your unique code, the more funds you get!

This new system means that orders will go through our usual production flow and will be dispatched direct to the customer when it's ready.  

So we encourage you to share your fundraiser far and wide, across your friends and family!

Your fundraiser can run for a maximum of four (4) weeks, and a minimum of two (2) weeks. 


Questions? Sure thing! Contact our team at

*unique fundraiser code cannot be used on any discounted, sale or clearance items.