Fundraising with Love from Seventeen

We were absolutely overwhelmed with Christmas fundraisers this year and we thank you so much for your support. Our allocation for fundraisers is now full for 2020.

Looking for an opportunity to raise money for your school or organisation?

Let’s do it! We are proud to offer a selection of our Personalised Christmas Bauble range as a fundraiser for your kindergarten, preschool, school or organisation.

Why partner with Love from Seventeen?

Love from Seventeen was built on the idea that creating memories with family and friends is at the heart of humanity. We are sentimental, wired to celebrate and mark the special milestones in our lives. Every product we offer supports this idea and brings a personalised touch to any occasion. We’re so passionate about our products and have been making our mark on Christmas trees for more than five years.

How does it work?

Our baubles are sold for $15 each, with $6 from every bauble sold going back to your school/organisation - that's a profit margin of 40%!

We provide a flyer with your logo and branding for distribution. This will have an order form attached to it.

Once the fundraising period ends and you’ve collected the order forms and payment, we will invoice you the total cost. This invoice must be paid before we begin production.

For large volumes of orders most groups compile the data in an Excel spreadsheet and send this through to us.

After production your baubles are packaged in their groups and shipped in a single batch to your organisation – at no extra cost.

You distribute the items to those who ordered.

If you'd like to fundraise using other products in our range, or just have a couple more questions, please send us an email to