Get the most of your treasured Love from Seventeen pieces with our Product Care Guide as follows. If looked after properly, your pieces will last for many years to come.

We do not offer a warranty on any of our product range so we encourage Love from Seventeen customers to read all product care information as below and on the individual product descriptions prior to purchasing. It is your responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the long life and quality of your Love from Seventeen product.


Our products are not made for little fingers so should not be handled by children. Do not hang any Love from Seventeen item above or within reach of a cot or bed.

Our most fragile Love from Seventeen products are shipped braced on 6mm wood and packed safely in a cello bag to ensure it reaches you in one piece. We recommend storing your cake toppers, wall names etc in this packaging when they're not in use to keep them safe. 


Plantation bamboo is a favoured material in a variety of industries for its sustainability, durability and strength. However, as it is natural material each piece can vary. The variances in grain and colour (and therefore from time to time our machined etch) is completely natural and normal, and should not be considered a fault. In fact, we think it only adds to the natural beauty and individuality of your product.

As with any wood, keep your bamboo product away from water and moisture to avoid damage. When watering your indoor plants and herb garden etc, we recommend removing your planter sticks before watering. 

Handle your bamboo product - whether it be a wall name or cake topper - from the thickest/widest point, distributing weight evenly across the piece when mounting onto the wall, or sticking into a cake etc.

Over time, your natural bamboo product will change in colour slightly with age. To slow down this process, we recommend keeping any bamboo products out of direct sunlight as this can have a bleaching effect. 

Painted Christmas baubles can have a tendency to stick together so we recommend storing them back-to-back in their cello packaging. Make sure they're stored well away from any moisture - opening a mouldy Christmas bauble in 12 months time wouldn't be much fun!


We source only the highest quality of a range of acrylics from in New Zealand, Australia and China. Due to the delicate nature of our products, each piece should be handled with great care. 

Handle your acrylic product - whether it be a wall name or cake topper - from the thickest/widest point, distributing weight evenly across the piece when mounting onto the wall, or sticking into a cake etc.

Be mindful not to drop or bend your acrylic piece as it is not likely to survive if dropped or mishandled.

All of our mirrored acrylic Christmas baubles should be packed back-to-back in its cello sleeve to ensure the surface is not scratched in storage. Handle your mirrored baubles and decorations by the metallic thread where possible.

Most of our acrylic range has a tendency to show finger marks and dust; a gentle wipe with a microfibre cloth will have them looking as good as new.


If cared for properly your cake topper will last for you for many birthdays to come.

They are fragile by design and should be handled as little as possible. When the time comes to use your topper, handle at the thickest/widest part of the design, or by the stake. Apply pressure as evenly as possible when popping into the cake. We recommend handling our tiny toppers where the stake meets the name/word. These guys are most fragile; they're called the tiny topper after all.

Take care not to drop or bend your topper as it's not likely to survive!

Cake topper stakes can be wiped clean with a damp cloth after use. Leave to air dry completely before storing in original packaging.