Lovely Lettering Handlettered Cake Topper

Lovely Lettering Handlettered Cake Topper

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Lovely Lettering and Love from Seventeen bring you these beautiful collaboration handlettered cake toppers. Every single one custom handlettered by Courtney at Lovely Lettering - just for you!

MATERIAL - Plain light or dark bamboo, or half-painted dipped style painted wood in a range of colours. 

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SIZE - 3mm thick, approx. 15cm wide depending on length of name. Please note, shorter names will have larger letters, longer names will have smaller letters so as to fit our max. topper width. 


  • Before submitting your order, please ensure you check it thoroughly – any missing or incorrect information will delay your order.
  • This is not a font; all names are handlettered to order from Courtney at Lovely Lettering and therefore cannot be previewed prior to ordering. Not fussed on this style of cake topper? Check out our other cake toppers here.
  • Please note, this product is strictly for one name or word only.
  • Materials and paint colours can be viewed here.
  • Painting is done to the front of the topper only.
  • Painted styles are half painted horizontally, dipped style.
  • Due to the nature of this product it should be handled as little as possible; they are fragile. We recommend keeping it in the packaging with the wood backing it arrives in when not in use.

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