Elf Meter Christmas Bauble
Elf Meter Christmas Bauble

Elf Meter Christmas Bauble

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Introducing our enchanting Elf Meter Christmas Bauble, a magical tool to make the Christmas season even more whimsical! Crafted with care, this custom-made bauble gauges your child's behaviour with a simple twist - all in the name of a little fun, of course!

You can change the elf indicator from Naughty for mischief, to Danger Zone for caution to Nice for good deeds, reflecting the day's adventures so the Elves can see and report back to Santa Claus.

Create cherished family traditions this Christmas with this interactive bauble, sparking conversations about kindness and joy. Hang it proudly on your tree, and let the spirit of the season take over.

Embrace the magic of Christmas with our Elf Meter Christmas Bauble – where every twist tells a tale!

MATERIAL - Light or dark bamboo, clear acrylic with a red acrylic arrow.

SIZE - 3mm thick, 9cm width bauble.


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  • This bauble is as pictured; it cannot be personalised or changed.
  • Material colours can be viewed here.

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