Old As F... Cake Topper (other colours available)

Old As F... Cake Topper (other colours available)

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Spice up the old fart or the old bird's birthday with a cake topper telling them just how it is. 

MATERIAL - Plain light or dark bamboo, a range of coloured acrylics, glittered or mirrored acrylic. Pictured is matt black.

SIZE - 3mm thick, 10cm wide.


  • Before submitting your order, please ensure you check it thoroughly – any missing or incorrect information will delay your order.
  • Style and font is as pictured; cannot be personalised.
  • Materials can be viewed here.
  • Due to the nature of this product it should be handled as little as possible; they are fragile. We recommend keeping it in the packaging with the wood backing it arrives in when not in use.

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