A clear floral bookmark with purple tasel, saying Ashleigh.
A light bamboo bookmark with blue tassel, inscription reading Oh the places you&
A clear bookmark etched with white florals saying Kylie, with a pink tassel, sitting a top a book of plants.
A black see through acrylic bookmark in the shape of a sharks jaw, with the name Carter etched on there.
A neon green clear acrylic bookmark with florals and the name Indie etched on, with a green tassel, sitting atop a children&
A neon pink see through acrylic bookmark with a unicorns head at the end, and the name Harper etched on, sitting atop a children&
A black acrylic bookmark with Harry Potter glasses and scar etched at the end, with the words You&
A neon pink see through acrylic bookmark with sleepy eyelashes etched on the end, a light blue tassel, and the words Sweet Dreams, Willow etched on the bottom. Sitting atop a children&
A clear bookmark, with purple tassel, and the name Marnie etched on in signature style writing.

Assorted Personalised Bookmarks

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The most beautiful personalised bookmarks in a range of designs, a range of materials and finished with a coloured tassel - how's that for the perfect gift.

Styles and materials all as pictured and interchangeable between each design - make your choice at the drop down menu below.

MATERIAL - Light bamboo, dark bamboo, black acrylic, clear acrylic or pink neon (see-through) acrylic.

SIZE - 3mm thick, 5cm wide and 18cm tall.


  • Before submitting your order, please ensure you check it thoroughly – any missing or incorrect information will delay your order.
  • Fonts and designs are all as pictured. 
  • Tassel colour is chosen at random.
  • The unicorn + shark designs do not come with a tassel

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